Terms of Use

I. Terms and Conditions

1. Bekpolmasz shop, located on the website at allows you to make purchases over the Internet.

2. Shop is operated by company:

„BEKPOLMASZ” K. Bełza-Trzoska, E. Miedzińska-Koźlak Sp. J.

Ul. Ołowiana 3A

85-443 Bydgoszcz

NiP 554-038-47-22

3. Purchase online store constitutes acceptance of these Rules.

II. Procedure for the submission and execution of orders

4. Order can be made by using the product was added to your cart and then through the'' Realize. "Later in the complete address, choose the method of delivery and confirm your order.

5. The basic condition for the realization of purchases is correct filling contact details.

6. Order can be placed 24 hours a day throughout the year. Orders placed on weekdays after hours. 12:00, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays - will be carried out the next working day.

7. In the event of circumstances preventing completely or temporarily implementation of the order, we reserve the right to suspend performance of the contract - about the situation shall immediately notify the Employer.

8.If you specify a suspect or fictitious data or not acknowledged orders by phone, service shop may refuse an order.

9. Prices of goods in online store are given in Polish zloty and include VAT (gross price).

10. Company Bekpolmasz VAT invoices for the purchased product, for this purpose, which provide accurate data on w / in the document are to be found.

11. The company also sells stationary, so there can pick up your ordered products at the company headquarters.

III. Delivery and payment

12. When ordering, the customer has the right to choose how to pay for ordered products, such as: payment in advance, cash on delivery.
- on payment in advance (bank transfer) performance of the contract after posting the amount in your bank account, or on presentation of a confirmed bank transfer.

13. The purchased goods are delivered by courier in the country.

14. Shipping cost depends on the weight and size of package.


IV. Returns and Complaints

15. The buyer has the right to return the unused product within 5 working days of its receipt.

16. The prerequisite for the return of the goods is to have a proof of purchase (invoice).

17. We do not accept returned items fee.

18. In the case of defective goods to guarantee the replacement goods free of defects.

19. In case of complaint, the goods should be sent merchandise with a photocopy of proof of purchase and description of fault.

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